Diesel Engines

Uses engines use compression to increase engine power. That increases engine power and reduces fuel costs.

Diesel is French though studied engineering in Germany. After graduating he returned to Paris and opened an early modern refrigeration factory, patenting several innovations. He eventually left and, barred from the industry, turned his attention to engines.

In 1893, Diesel created his compression “diesel” engine, filing patents in many countries. The business progressed until Diesel disappeared off the steamship Dresden, sailing from Antwerp to Harwick, England, on Sept. 29, 1913. To this day historians do not know the cause of his death. He had left a large sum of cash for his wife but his bank accounts were empty.

Diesel did have serious financial problems due to engine returns based on reliability problems. Conspiracy theorists believe he was murdered due to the threat of his more efficient “diesel” engine displacing then-dominant steam engines.

Diesel’s engine used a thermodynamic principle articulated by fellow Frenchman Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot in 1824.

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